Expand Your Pidgin Knowledge!

Naija Sayings 101

We’re back this week with more Naija Sayings! Are you ready to further expand your knowledge on the popular sayings and what they mean? Let us see how well you know pidgin.

  • “Baff up” – Dress nicely.
  • “This food sweet well well” – Used to give thanks to your hosts for the food prepared.
  • “My friend you do well” – Thank you my friend.
  • “Bobo/babe you too fine” – Compliments a man or a woman.

Are you ready to “baff up?”

The 5th Edition of the Nigeria Cultural Parade & Festival  is about three weeks away! We will have amazing food that will have you saying, “this food sweet well well,” and you might see someone that makes you go “bobo you too fine.” We hope to see you there!