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About the Event

The Nigeria Cultural Parade

The Nigerian community has intently embraced living out loud to show their presence through tradition, cultural art forms and fashion across the world. The city of Houston is home to the highest population of Nigerians outside of the country. The Nigeria Cultural and Festival led by Culturally Naija and Welead, Inc. provides a family-fun filled engaging and learning experience for cultural understanding. Moreover, the parade will drive tourism to Houston, support the Houston economy and embrace a cultural exchange.

Randon Pexson, Organizer

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The Nigeria Cultural Parade

The global exchange that activates on-site at the Nigeria Cultural Parade & Festival will showcase a high volume of culture and tradition that connects with children, families and world travelers open to culture. It is key as the Official Nigerian Independence event is to provide an experience with “No Passport Required”. In the long term, the Nigeria Cultural Parade & Festival will foster an environment that encourages diversity, knowledge and actions that contribute to a unique culture.

Randon Pexson, Organizer


Parade Facilitators

CULTURALLY NAIJA is not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Texas to cultivate social, political, and economic stability among various Nigerians in the United States through community, recreational, and social activities. Continue Reading

WeLead, Inc is a Texas registered 501(c)3 organization that represents possibilities, present opportunities and connect communities across the world with a focus on Africa.

and should be tied to service. Continue Reading


Why Should You Attend?

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Who will Attend

The event is open to the public. We welcome schools, organizations and travelers willing to experience a West African culture!

Cultural Significance

The parade is a one of a kind event that highlights a West African country in Downtown Houston for a street wide celebration showcasing cultural awareness and understanding

It's About Family

Cultural dances and traditional wear will provide a family friendly atmosphere. Come and experience the uniqueness of Houston’s diversity.