Expand Your Nigerian Slang With These Common Sayings

Naija Sayings 101

Slang plays a significant role in communicating with native speakers and is a part of everyday verbal communication. Every language has its form of slang that is used to be spoken informally with other speakers of the language.

In Nigeria communities there are many common sayings that are used (often referred to as pidgin,) and we want to expand your Nigerian slang knowledge. Do you know what these sayings mean?

  • “Listen well well”
  • “Wetin dey happen”
  • “How far”
  • “No wahala”
  • “Can you imagine”

If you were able to guess them correctly, please check your knowledge by reviewing the answers below.

  • “Listen well well” – Listen very carefully.
  • “Wetin dey happen” – What is going on/happening?
  • “How far” – What is the update?
  • “No wahala” – No problem/trouble!
  • “Can you imagine” – I can’t believe this.

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