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Independence Day

Independence Day

What comes to mind when you think of Nigeria?

The striking green and white flag? The Super Eagles? The iconic and colorful dresses? The tantalizing smell of an Auntie’s kitchen? It’s hard to pinpoint what sparks that Naija pride in somebody, but it’s something to think about as autumn nears. October 1st marks Nigeria’s 58th Independence Day and people will be celebrating all over the world (especially here in Houston!).

To be Nigerian is part of a history that spans over centuries and kingdoms. It cannot be simplified into a single identity; rather, it is made up of a widely diverse group of cultures. But its diversity and size has become its strength.  Nigeria has well earned its’ name, the Giant of Africa.

Come celebrate Nigerian independence on September 29th at the 2nd Annual Nigeria Cultural Parade and Arts Festival in Downtown Houston near the Toyota Center. Enjoy the array of dancing, art, food and culture. Whatever you love most about Nigeria, it will be there.

Tell us, what are you looking forward to at the parade?


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